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On time. And on budget. For commercial businesses, these are the top two concerns when selecting a painting contractor. Not by coincidence, they’re also the top two reasons commercial clients select us for their jobs. No job is too big and no ceiling is too high for Stirling Painting & Renovations.

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Fast & Efficient Commercial Painting

Losing access to your facilities is expensive for your business, and we take that very seriously. We’re able to complete your painting project at the times that work for your operation, all the while keeping the surrounding environment safe and usable by your clients and employees. We’re also very knowledgeable on the products and systems that work well, allowing us to make upgrades that will last longer and require less maintenance over time.

One of our highly-trained estimators attends all project walk-throughs and provides firm price proposals. The price we give you is the price we stick to. No surprises.

Why Choose Stirling Painting & Renovations in Pennsylvania?

We understand the commercial aspect of the painting business and know how to carefully coordinate crew schedules on a commercial project to ensure the work progresses smoothly and is completed within the established timeline (even when subcontractor schedules do not fully cooperate).

Our large, adaptable workforce can tackle any type of project, which allows us to fulfill a broad range of needs for commercial clients. Our craftsmen are well trained in safety and OSHA compliance, and we have specialized equipment (lifts, paint sprayers, etc.) that allows us to complete a diverse portfolio of jobs safely and expertly.

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What Our Clients SAy

Top Quality Commercial Painting in Allentown, PA.

If you’re a builder, we know that painting is not the only thing you have going on. The craftsmen at Stirling Painting & Renovations are accustomed to working alongside other trades respectfully and cooperatively so that no one is in anyone else’s way. We work in a clean, organized fashion to eliminate disruptions to the other important things that are going on in the working space.

Stirling Painting & Renovations can take care of any painting needs that the maintenance crew will never get to (and if they did they’d be working on it for months), the large and complex projects like staircases, water damage repair, and, yes, the high-up work.