Our Story

What makes us different? Extremely professional, trustworthy, well-mannered, polite team members that take extra care of your home or building during the entire process. Our best-in-class painting pros and contractors listen and pay close attention to the details, and keep our team highly informed. When the job is complete, the finished product we present to you is proof of our attention to detail. When you hire Stirling Painting & Renovations, you are not just hiring the average contractor- you are hiring a top quality company with a higher understanding of each client’s unique needs.

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We started with one beat-up old truck, two employees, and a small list of existing clients. We initially did the painting alongside our pair of workers. Slowly, as the business grew and we needed to devote more of our time to being the company salesmen, we hired professional painters to help with the painting. For seven of the first eight years that we owned the business, it grew. That one truck expanded into a fleet of five vans. More experienced painters were added to allow us to attract larger, more complicated jobs. We built a remodeling team. We opened a local office and shop space. That client list became pages long.

Through hard work, being there for each other, successfully taking on new challenges, surrounding ourselves with a talented team, and, of course, treating our customers always with respect and courtesy, we were able to expand a small residential painting company into a multi-faceted home and commercial outfit. Today, we have established relationships with hundreds of homeowners, contractors, preservation groups, colleges and churches across the Lehigh Valley — many of whom have been with us since we were doing the painting ourselves, all of whom we are very grateful and indebted to.

We Are a Different Kind of Contractor

We believe that the customer’s experience is paramount in our line of work. We like to say we are a customer service company who happens to offer the Lehigh Valley’s best painting and remodeling services. When you hire Stirling Painting & Renovations, you are not just hiring the average contractor- you are hiring a company with a higher understanding of each client’s unique needs. When you entrust our pros with your home or building and see the precision and care we use to protect your wood floors, landscaping, and architectural features while we’re working, we believe you’ll call us again and refer us to your friends. Our top quality work speaks for itself.

Stirling Painting and Renovations Best Exterior House Painting Services and Glass Cleaning Nazareth PA

It’s Our People

To make sure we can provide our customers with the best craftsmen around, we make treating our team members well a priority. We take good care of our employees and, in return, our employees take good care of our clients. We create careers – not just jobs – by providing full-time, year-round work, health insurance, and a 401(k) retirement program. We invest in our community by investing in our employees’ lives and futures.

Our people and their work does make a difference. That’s why we are a different kind of contractor.

Why Work for Stirling?

Looking for a career and not just another job? Your search is over.

Stirling is always looking for good people to join the team, and that really is the most important thing. We want good people who believe in our mission of making our client’s lives – and the people we work with – better.

Enjoy a great, family-friendly work environment, high-end clientele, engaging work, and opportunities for promotion and advancement.

We are proud to offer benefits including paid holidays, health insurance, 401(k), and PTO. We are committed to treating all team members with the respect and support they deserve.

We want individuals who have the ability and experience to perform high-quality work, and who will commit to Stirling’s values of teamwork and honesty. A great attitude, strong work ethic, and dedication to customer service are a must!

Stirling Painting and Renovations Best Exterior House Painting Services and Glass Cleaning Nazareth PA
Jeremy Korpics

Jeremy Korpics


“I started working for contractors when I was 15. I worked summers during high school and college for local remodelers and painters. My grandfather and father were drywall contractors. My brother is a contractor. So I come from a family of tradesmen and contractors and was surrounded by it growing up.

While working towards a business degree from Penn State, I was a server during the school year. Through this work, and helpful advice from my father (who also owned a restaurant) and my professors, I learned the art of customer service, how to be a leader, and how to be effective and balanced in an ever-changing environment.

After graduation, I worked in Human Resources for a large corporation in Connecticut where I did recruiting, onboarding, performance evaluations, and leadership development. I was mentored by some amazing people and had the opportunity to travel abroad for an early-career leadership development program. During a self-assessment study I took on the trip, I scored high marks in Entrepreneurship and Self-Motivation. That’s when I decided to move back to the Lehigh Valley and take Matt Stirling’s offer to purchase the company with Andy.

Looking back now, 17 years later, I could have never predicted the trajectory of Stirling or how we got here. We grow nearly every year. I always say that Stirling is not built around one person or the owners of the company. Rather, it’s been built by its people. Each team member brings something unique. Each client has a unique need. My job is to connect the two – to provide a great workplace for craftsmen and to create great project experiences for clients. It’s a challenging and humbling experience.

I spend the weekdays giving my all at Stirling and weeknights and weekends with my wife, Jennifer, and two boys, Julian and Rowan. My hobbies include coaching youth sports, playing guitar, spending time with my family and friends, and working on my home. Being a business owner gives me a unique experience to share with others. I love it when my boys see what I do and ask questions. They like knowing the guys, the different projects we do, and they especially like seeing one of the work vans when they are on the bus to school.

The contracting field is a dynamic, ever-changing landscape that provides challenge and self-improvement every day. It keeps me connected with people of all backgrounds, and keeps me grounded to the things that matter most – our relationships with the people we love and using our God-given talents to help others.”

Andy Grason

Andy Grason


“We are a different kind of painting contractor. I hear that a lot. And I’m proud of it. I think what people mean by that is that they aren’t used to working with contractors they feel so comfortable with.

If nothing else, my job is to constantly make sure that, as a company, we are putting the client first. I’ve lived in the Valley all my life. Went to Moravian College. Studied at Lehigh. Have lived in Historic Bethlehem for over two decades. I get genuine satisfaction from our company making the Valley a more beautiful place… one house at a time.

I learned the trade while working for the previous owner while I was in school, and I was extremely lucky to grow up with a group of friends with an incredible amount of energy and entrepreneurial spirit, even at a young age. There isn’t a chance I’d be where I am today without them and without having such an incredible business partner.

When I’m not working, I’m very likely with my wife Katie trying to tire out Winnie, our chocolate lab. In the rare cases Winnie is tuckered out I’ll work on my very mediocre guitar skills, read what Katie would consider very boring historical biographies (if you haven’t read David McCullough’s early books you don’t know what you’re missing) or enjoy a couple of appetizers at the Apollo Grill.

What I’m most proud of when it comes to Stirling is the team. What an amazing group of people to be able to work with. I honestly can’t wait to see what the next few years bring.”