Now that you’ve decided to give your interiors a lick of paint, you’re probably wondering which shades and hues you should go for. 

Colors are more than just fancy pigments. They determine the mood in the space, and you want to make sure that the color you choose complements the purpose of its respective space.

We’ve compiled this guide to help you choose the perfect colors for your interior paint project.

Get inspiration first 

The first step to choosing a paint color is not choosing it immediately. Like anything involving aesthetics, you need the right stroke of inspiration to understand how to achieve the best effects. For this, you need to seek inspiration first.

You can get inspiration from social media, especially Pinterest. Spend time looking through images until you find the blend of color and style that suits your preference. Using social media for inspiration also saves you the headache of picking the perfect color combination from scratch.

Your surroundings are also a great source of inspiration. Go to parks, stroll around your neighborhood, or even look at your decor and furniture. The patterns and colors around you can inspire the perfect choice of interior paint for you.

Choose a paint color that matches the feeling you want

Colors evoke an emotional response. In general, cool colors inspire relaxation, while warm colors (like red, orange, and yellow) create a sense of drama and energy. 

You can opt for cool colors like ice-blue in private rooms like your bedroom and warm colors like daffodil-yellow, coral, or cranberry for your social rooms like dining rooms, kitchens, family and living ­areas.

Be creative with neutral colors

Just because you choose neutral paint colors doesn’t mean they have to be laid-back. You can amplify your neutral color palette by being creative with how the colors are used. 

For instance, a neutral-colored striped wall adds style but keeps the room cool. Using a neutral color on your wall is a great way to add color without losing the relaxing vibe of the space.

Test the colors

After narrowing down your choices, you can test out the colors in the rooms, observing how they contrast against one another during the day with natural lighting and at night with artificial lights. You’ll also want to see how they complement your decor and furniture. 

Bring your interior rooms to life with perfect paint colors

From considering the mood you want to create to testing paint samples in your home’s unique lighting, these tips will help you select the right colors for your interior spaces. If you are still unable to decide, turn to us at Stirling. 

We are the Lehigh Valley’s paint experts and will gladly assist you in making choices that align perfectly with your vision. Contact us today.