Why Hire a Painting Contractor?

Not all painting projects are the same.  Painting a bedroom or touching up trim is a simple task for many homeowners.   In fact, there are many people that enjoy painting.  And, (yes, I hear you!) many that can’t stand it.  Let’s take a look at the main reasons people consider hiring a professional painting contractor

Technical Surface Preparation

If have ever attempted to remove wallpaper, you know what I’m about to say.  Removing wallpaper can be one of the most tedious aspects of surface preparation.  An experienced professional knows the techniques to get that pesky wallpaper off in the least damaging way.  A professional also knows how to handle the sometimes extensive wall restoration needed after the wall paper is removed.

Dealing with water damage, excessive texture and failed drywall seams are also among the more challenging aspects of surface preparation.  A painting professional will help by properly identifying the cause of the issue and following the proper process to restore the surface in a clean and effective way.  Every great paint job starts with a great prep job!

 High Ladder Work

Accessing high ceilings and exterior areas require the use of ladders, scaffold, and more.  The proper use of a ladders is an essential part to the safe completion of any painting project.   A painting professional not only has the right equipment, but also the training and experience to use equipment in a way that not only protects life, but also prevents damage to the surrounding areas.  What’s more, an established painting contractor has a formalized Safety Program and Insurance to ensure Homeowners are fully protected at all levels (pun intended).

Straight lines, even finishes, and clean floors

The difference between a paintjob by a professional vs. one by the average homeowner is often overlooked at the project planning stage.  It’s easy to imagine applying paint to a surface.  Even the skills to accomplish basic paint application are easily learned.   The challenge to create a beautiful and least frustrating paintjob rests in these 3 areas.

Straight Lines: A professional uses minimal amount of tape due to his or her ability to “cut” a straight line (dividing 2 surfaces of different color) by use of brush, freehand.  Often times a homeowner uses tape.  However, tape can cause problems such as pulling off the paint behind it.

Even Finishes: Enamel finishes such as eggshells and satins can look very uneven if not applied correctly.   A professional knows the techniques to ensure the finish product is smooth with consistent sheen.

Clean Floors:   Working cleanly is a huge part of a successful painting project.  Not matter how nice the color on the wall looks, any paint on furniture or carpet is a major problem.  A qualified painting contractor uses various coverings to protect your furniture, floors, and other personal affects.

Time required

The weekend warrior knows that even painting a bedroom (especially if painting the ceiling and trim) can take all weekend.  It is not uncommon for a larger painting project to take over 100 hours to complete.   Many homeowners find it difficult to find that much free time.   A professional painting contractor will have a team of highly – skilled craftsmen that can complete your projects in the least amount days.

So the next time you are considering a project at your home, think through the pros and cons of doing it yourself.    And remember, the professionals at Stirling are only a phone call away.