Water Damage: As Good as New

Some people are scared of plaster – especially damaged plaster. So much so that many people, over the years, decide to cover their plaster with wallpaper or paneling. But there is nothing to fear. Plaster is an attractive surface that gives character to any space.  And it is easily repairable (for the pros).

While many of our guys have years of experience with plaster I don’t think anyone has more then Jerry. Recently, he repaired this residential office space in the Easton area. Below are some before, during and after pics to give you a visual of the process.

water damage

We had to first remove all damaged/compromised plaster (along with ceiling tiles).

Our next step was to seal stained areas with primer and multiple coats of plaster to create a smooth surface.

repair water damage

Then the ceiling tiles were matched and replaced and the room was then repainted. The result was an office space that looks brand new. No one would ever know that any water damage had happened.


water damage repair