About us

We bought Stirling Painting from a mutual friend, Matt Stirling, in 2003 shortly after we both graduated from college. Both of us had worked for Matt painting houses to make extra money while in college — and when the opportunity to own the business arose, we decided to apply our on-the-job experience and bursting entrepreneurial spirit to the challenge of successfully running and growing a small business.

We started with one beat-up old truck, two employees, and a small list of previous clients. We initially did the painting alongside our pair of workers. Slowly, as the business grew and we needed to devote more of our time to being the company salesmen, we hired professional painters to help with the painting. For seven of the first eight years that we owned the business, it grew. That one truck expanded into a fleet of five vans. More experienced painters were added to allow us to attract larger, complicated jobs. We opened a local office and shop space. That client list became pages long.

Through hard work … being there for each other … successfully taking on new challenges … surrounding ourselves with a talented team … and, of course, treating our customers always with respect and courtesy … we were able to expand a small residential painting company into a multi-faceted home and commercial outfit. Today, we have established relationships with hundreds of homeowners, contractors, preservation groups, colleges and churches across the Lehigh Valley — many of whom have been with us since we were doing the painting ourselves; all of whom we are very grateful for and indebted to your support.