Fulfill the Grandeur in Your Space by Treating Ceilings and Feature Walls.

Looking to refresh the look of a high ceiling, peaked entry or vaulted ceiling?

ceiling paint
A ceiling is an often underestimated aspect of a room’s beauty.  For many large rooms the ceiling is the largest uninterrupted canvas, and can either be the focal point or the distraction in the room. By incorporating color, accenting structure, or simply erasing the awful crack down the center, your room will be transformed.  Even more, the focal walls, sometimes peaked, can be the ideal accent to fulfill the grandeur of the space. And last, the right paint, which eliminates ceiling glare and hides surface imperfections, like Benjamin Moore’s Waterborne Ceiling paint, or Sherwin Williams Promar Ceiling Paint make the final touch on a ceiling masterpiece.

High Ceiling - FoyerFor many people, the fear of heights stops them from taking that next step. When it comes to painting large rooms and high ceilings, you need to have the right equipment. Stirling crews come equipped with drop sheets, telescoping poles, indoor ladders and scaffolding ensure the project is done safely and effectively.