New Rooms for the New Year.

Below are some before and after pictures of interior projects from the last year.  Please take one minute to look at some of our work.

Whether it’s removing wallpaper, painting kitchen cabinets or finally doing away with white walls the builder left behind, painting remains the best way to completely change the look of a room within days.


Wallpaper removal projects, like the one above and two below, remain one of the hardest types of DIY projects due to the repair of walls (skim coating of spackle, lots of sanding, oil priming, etc.).  Getting the walls paint-ready again takes time and skill.



Painting kitchen cabinets (like the project below) is an amazing way to upgrade your kitchen without breaking the bank.  It completely transforms and updates the look of the most important room in your house.


Large “open concept” areas such as foyers and family rooms can be challenging. Consider using variations of the same color to bring the spaces together.  The project below is an example of variations of a warm, gold color.



If you have any questions or if you are curious how much any type of painting project costs you can reach Andy, at anytime, by calling 610-842-3571 or emailing him at info@