Project Story: Family Room Transformation

“We are excited to tell you everything about this project.”

The Home

With their recently purchased home in the in countryside of Bushkill Township, the homeowners were looking to turn this unique home into their own.

The Family Room, with an existing fireplace, high vault ceiling, and balcony, opens up to the Kitchen and makes this a bright, big, but cozy epicenter for living in this home.  This would be the first project of the new house and set the tone for future improvements.

The Project

They called Stirling to put together a plan and proposal. The homeowner had the vision and communicated it to Jeremy with pictures from Pinterest.  The fireplace would be transformed with a painted shiplap wall rising from a reclaimed hand-chopped barn beam as the new mantle.  The shiplap would be framed with a slightly offset flat trim and project from the wall for stature.  A crown moulding detail at the top was matched to the crown moulding in the Dining Room.   The dark gray walls on the lower half of the walls would be divided by a correct-sized ledger at 8 feet.  The lighter gray top half would become the back drop for an amazingly unique ceiling fan with dual blades and a light kit.

The Cast

Meet the craftsman from Stirling that got it done.

Dave Bednar, Lead Carpenter

Jeff Koder, Carpenter

Ian Rosenkranz, Lead Painter


Dick Anderson:  Painter

Corey Pollinger: Scaffold Set up, Floor Protection, and Site Clean up

Shawn Price: Discovery, Project Planning, Carpenter




Project Planning and Discovery

A few days before the project start, Jeremy and Shawn came out to cover design details with the homeowner.  Decisions were made about the projection of the shiplap wall, how the mantle would integrate with the shiplap and existing brick, and the height for the ledger moulding. As part of the discovery, the existing mantle was removed in order to see how the brick terminated and how the new mantle would be modified for a perfect fit

Shawn removing existing mantle


Day 1: Thursday

Corey and Dustin installed Ramboard over the pinewood floors from the entry door and through the Family room.  A 1/4″ hardboard over the Ramboard was laid and taped to protect the floor from heavy scaffold.  A two-tier scaffold was set up in front of the fireplace wall.

Day 2: Friday

Dave, Jeff, Shawn, and Jeremy arrived by 8 AM with the objective to install the mantle and complete all of the framing and carpentry.  This was accomplished by 3 PM and it made for a great start to the weekend.



Day 3: Monday

Ian, Dick, and Becky prepared the surfaces for paint, primed bare wood, and got started with the painting.  By the end of the day, the painting was nearly 75% complete.

Day 4: Tuesday

On Tuesday, Ian and Corey finished the painting.  Dave and Jeff , who were working down the road on a bathroom renovation, came back to replace the ceiling fan.  The scaffold was removed and the floors were cleaned up.   Little touch ups were made so everything looked perfect.


In 4 short days the family room was transformed and turned back over to the homeowner.  The project highlighted the great team effort and attention to detail that is abundant at Stirling.  Each craftsman put their talents to work and put their touch on this wonderful improvement.

Great Job Guys!

The Reveal

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