Why Hire a Painting Contractor?

Not all painting projects are the same.  Painting a bedroom or touching up trim is a simple task for many homeowners.   In fact, there are many people that enjoy painting.  And, (yes, I hear you!) many that can’t stand it.  Let’s take a look at the main reasons people consider hiring a professional painting contractor

Technical Surface Preparation

If have ever attempted to remove wallpaper, you know what I’m about to say.  Removing wallpaper can be one of the most tedious aspects of surface preparation.  An experienced professional knows the techniques to get that pesky wallpaper off in the least damaging way.  A professional also knows how to handle the sometimes extensive wall restoration needed after the wall paper is removed.

Dealing with

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Taking the Pain Out of Color Matching

We'll match anything!One of the biggest complaints we hear from “do it yourselfers” is that they find it impossible to be successful when they are color matching. They want to refresh their walls, but they don’t want to change the color and yet, when they start to paint, the color is truly off.

Why don’t you let us handle it for you. With our great relationships with local paint stores and our attention to the subtle details in color, matching the exact color you want is another one of our specialties.  By aligning ourselves with great companies like Buss Paint & Wallpaper, Sherwin Williams & Benjamin Moore, we

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Fulfill the Grandeur in Your Space by Treating Ceilings and Feature Walls.

Looking to refresh the look of a high ceiling, peaked entry or vaulted ceiling?

ceiling paint
A ceiling is an often underestimated aspect of a room’s beauty.  For many large rooms the ceiling is the largest uninterrupted canvas, and can either be the focal point or the distraction in the room. By incorporating color, accenting structure, or simply erasing the awful crack down the center, your room will be transformed.  Even more, the focal walls, sometimes peaked, can be the ideal accent to fulfill the grandeur of the space. And last, the right paint, which eliminates ceiling glare and hides surface imperfections, like Benjamin Moore’s Waterborne Ceiling

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Your Dream Kitchen- Without the Major Overhaul

There are many creative ways to transform your Kitchen without the major expense of a full Kitchen Remodel.  This Houzz article shows some beautiful and bright Kitchens with the warm touches of wood.   By painting your existing cabinets and changing out the hardware, your cabinets can change dramatically.  Create a warm wood touch by adding beams, a wood feature wall, or a mahogany island top – the ideas are endless!

Let the experts at Stirling help you create Your Dream Kitchen.

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Dream Kitchen

Contact us today for an estimate.

Here’s another great Houzz article offering 12 Great Kitchen Styles.

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5 Reasons Why It’s Best to Paint Your Home in the Winter Months

People ask, “When is the best time to paint my house?”

For the outside out your house, the answer is from late Spring to early Fall when the air is warm and the days are long.

“Does it matter when I paint the inside of my house?”

Yes!   There are great benefits of painting your home in the Winter months.  

Here are the top Five:

5 Reasons Why to Paint your Home in the Winter Months

You spend more time inside in the winter.. Enjoy it more!
More attention given to your project: Painting Contractors are less busy and are able to focus on your project.
You save money as winter pricing is very competitive and discounts are offered
Your walls and trim will thank you

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