Bell Gate Farm Project

One of Stirling’s featured projects in 2016 was the Bell Gate Farm project in Coopersburg.   This is a beautiful farm located off of Limeport Pike, just before the PA Turnpike’s overpass.   The property features a huge barn with 3 silos, a classic farmhouse, a quaint cottage, several out buildings and a pond.  Bell Gate Farm nestles in a valley with picturesque hills of fields and woods.

Bell Gate Farm Exterior     Bell Farm Canopy

Once an active farm, the owner has transformed the property into an event destination for weddings, fundraisers, parties, and gatherings of all kinds.   The barn’s original 2 levels were transformed into large ceremony and gathering spaces.   An addition was built to house a commercial kitchen, sitting room, office, and 8 bathrooms.  On the outside, a spectacular Amish-built post and beam canopy with cupola atop gives a grand entry to its guest.   A huge deck, paved patios, stamped concrete walkways surrounded by incredible landscaping provides for the ultimate indoor- outdoor social event.

From painter’s and finisher’s perspective, this project was like a dozen different and unique projects packed into one.

Bell Gate Farm Upper Level

The first task was to do a multi-colored stain look on the 11,000 square feet of planking to be installed on the ceiling and walls of the large ceremony room.   We set up a production line in the barn and stained boards all day for 2 week’s straight.

The new canopy was another special Bell Gate Farm project.   Built with raw lumber, the specification called for all of the wood to be painted white.  Nearly all of it needed to be hand-brushed and much care was given painting the rafters along the stained ceiling.  It’s one of those things that are extremely challenging, but extremely rewarding when you stand back and look at the work you’ve done.

Bell Gate Farm Canopy Detail         Bell Gate Farm Canopy

Stirling’s scope also included doing surface preparation and application of an epoxy paint on the ceremony space floor, painting all the new drywall and trim, staining and applying urethane reclaimed wood doors, metal painting on handrails and duct work, and the coating of the new addition siding and foundation.