5 Reasons Why It’s Best to Paint Your Home in the Winter Months

People ask, “When is the best time to paint my house?

For the outside out your house, the answer is from late Spring to early Fall when the air is warm and the days are long.

“Does it matter when I paint the inside of my house?”

Yes!   There are great benefits of painting your home in the Winter months.  

Here are the top Five:

5 Reasons Why to Paint your Home in the Winter Months

  1. You spend more time inside in the winter.. Enjoy it more!
  2. More attention given to your project: Painting Contractors are less busy and are able to focus on your project.
  3. You save money as winter pricing is very competitive and discounts are offered
  4. Your walls and trim will thank you – Better results! Your heating system will take moisture out of the air, thus shrinking  (ever so slightly) wood wall framing and trim causing cracks to appear. In this shrunken state, it is the best time to caulk and fill the cracks
  5. The best craftsmen are working; Painting contractors sometimes need to lay off guys in the winter. However, like any good business, they keep their best going