4 Things Every Homeowner Wants in a Painter

Choosing a good painter is often more involved that finding a painter that just has great painting skills. These 4 things are equally as important when finding the painter that is right for you.

1) Keep my House Clean – People tend to get stressed when their house is messy. When contractors are working in your house, it is natural to worry about dirty shoes, paint splatter, and dust. A good painter takes care of all these things by covering your furniture and floors and using various dust-control techniques.

2) Work Carefully around my Furniture – Furniture is often a major investment for most homeowners. The process of working on your walls, ceilings, and trim usually requires furniture to be moved. A good painter carefully moves your furniture and then puts adequate protection around it before beginning their work

3) Don’t let My Dog run away – Pets get used to the routines of the house. Having contractors in your home can disturb their routine and feeling of safety. A good painter listens intently and follows your instruction about how to keep their pet safe and secure during the project.

4) Do Thorough Surface Preparation – The color that paint provides is great and in the periphery it is what changes the room. However, paint and the light that reflects from it bring out many of the imperfections not previously visible. A good painter knows that quality is in the preparation and will take extra effort to spot out and resolve all of the visible surface imperfections before painting.

The painters at Stirling Painting are not only good, they are great. You’ll know the difference immediately when you see your floors and furniture being covered up, thorough surface preparation being done, and the care being taken for all of your concerns.

We are looking forward to doing a beautiful project for you. Give us a call.