Interior Home Painting Done The Right Way

The difference is clear.  The floors are covered nicely. The walls are spackled and cracks are caulk.  The lines are straight and the paint finish is smooth.  The clean up is thorough. The guys are nice and trustworthy.

That’s the Stirling Difference!

Here are some pictures of one one or our recent painting projects:

Surface Preparation in Foyer


Completed Foyer

Surface Preparation in Master Bathroom

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When Painting Goes Wrong

Everyone has a painting horror story.

“It was a mess!”

“It looks horrible!”


“There is paint where it shouldn’t be”

Whether you tried to tackle the project yourself or hired the wrong painter, a disaster project is not an enjoyable experience.

Don’t let this happen to you.

We built Stirling around the customer experience.  The things that matter most are what we do best:

Excellent covering of flooring and protection of furnishings

Extensive Surface

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