The Importance of Primer

When getting a painting project done many times home owners want the job done as quickly as possible, but it is important to take the extra step of using primer on all your painting projects.

Why would you want to use primer?

Here are three reasons primer should be used on your next painting project:

1. Preparing the surface with primer allows for a smoother top coat finish
2. It can help the top coat adhere to glossy surfaces such as varnishes
3. Primer also seals out stains, odors, grease and ink marks

wall primer

At Stirling Painting we want your rooms to look amazing for years to come,

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4 Things Every Homeowner Wants in a Painter

Choosing a good painter is often more involved that finding a painter that just has great painting skills. These 4 things are equally as important when finding the painter that is right for you.

1) Keep my House Clean – People tend to get stressed when their house is messy. When contractors are working in your house, it is natural to worry about dirty shoes, paint splatter, and dust. A good painter takes care of all these things by covering your furniture and floors and using various dust-control techniques.

2) Work Carefully around my Furniture – Furniture is

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Woodstone Country Club Restaurant Complete

The restaurant renovation project at Woodstone Country Club wrapped up by the deadline and transformation is incredible.

Our work scope included the following:

Ceilings:  remove popcorn texture, repair seams, and paint

Walls:       rustic texture using knockdown technique

Woodwork and Bar:  Brush-look dark stain. Seal and Polyurethane.

Our client, club members, and patrons are all giving rave reviews!

Woodstone Country Club Revamps their Restaurant

Woodstone StainingThe guys are hard at work creating dramatic improvements to the restaurant at Woodstone Country Club in Danielsville, PA.  Our work features specialized skills such a converting a popcorn ceiling to a flat ceiling, applying a rustic-knockdown finish on the walls, and converting the golden oak bar woodwork into a deep, brushed-wood look.

Woodstone Country Club and Lodge in Danielsville, PA is a multi-use facility featuring an 18 hole golf course, event center, lodge, restaurant, and member’s area.   Several years ago, Stirling Painting and Renovations played a major role in the new Member’s Room with the staining of all the

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Bell Gate Farm Project

One of Stirling’s featured projects in 2016 was the Bell Gate Farm project in Coopersburg.   This is a beautiful farm located off of Limeport Pike, just before the PA Turnpike’s overpass.   The property features a huge barn with 3 silos, a classic farmhouse, a quaint cottage, several out buildings and a pond.  Bell Gate Farm nestles in a valley with picturesque hills of fields and woods.

Bell Gate Farm Exterior     Bell Farm Canopy

Once an active farm, the owner has transformed the property into an event destination for weddings, fundraisers, parties, and

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